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Our products are formulated with safe and environmentally friendly ingredients that result in clean and effective skin care. Our products are free of harmful chemicals and are always cruelty free.

Lkins Skincare

Our products are made from natural and organic ingredients. There is a great demand for natural and organic products and Lkins provides products that are made with custom formulations which simply leave your skin feeling clean and hydrated.  Our products work toward strengthening the skins structure and visibility lift your skin.  Our goal is to deliver premium products which we hope will satisfy your needs.

Our products are proudly made in the USA and we never test our products on animals!

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Clean, Fresh, Hydrating

Skin care should be simple. With our custom organic formulas, your skin will be looking and feeling it's best. 

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“Best Sugar Scrub Ever”

Dina, from Luxurious Eye Spa, Long Island, N.Y.

"The Herbal Clay Masque has been a lifesaver for me, I just wanted to let you know.  My skin is so red and irritated from wearing a mask for long periods of time at work.  Its calmed the irritation and soothes my skin.  The Certified Organic Cucumber and CO Chamomile really help hydrate and relax my skin.  I am a devoted customer."

Karen M.  -  Testimonial

I purchased the Honey Pumpkin Masque twice and I am really happy with it because it is made with Certified Organic Fruit Extracts. It tingles when I first apply it. It makes my skin super soft and hydrated after I remove it. I also purchased the Coconut Cleanser. I am a forever customer.

Annalise A.

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